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If you work as a designer for a crust, at some stage you must acknowledge the unfortunate fact that YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS. Although talented and artistic people pursue graphic design to create and express themselves, the reality is that you are not the one making the decisions – that is left to your client. This is where the artistic pain lies. In many circumstances the one making the decisions has no idea, visually illiterate, and his/her decisions can insult your artistic values and aesthetic. If you care about your work then this is pain! How do you endure enough to suffer a career in the semi creative arts?

  • Check this site – it will make you feel better.
  • Care less, the less you care the more healthy detachment you generate.
  • Get a job capping bottles instead
  • Roll over and become a ‘yes man/woman’ – there is no better feeling than staring at the ceiling.

I think that at the heart of the discussion is the difference between the ‘graphic designer’ and the ‘graphic artist’. Some people say the definition art is done for oneself – and if you get pleasure in doing this my advice is try not to confuse it with feeding the golden goose.

How to get the best from web hosting support staff

Ever had problems with support staff? Support tickets unanswered and issues taking far too long to resolve? Then maybe it’s your st lye.
Dancing with web hosting support

Do it yourself SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is something you need to embrace if you want your sites found on the web. Although the impact of traditional seo is slowly becoming less relevant, it still maintains the number one method of generating traffic.
About my seo services.

All that analysis and very little design OR all that meat and no potatoes

All that analysis and very little design OR all that meat and no potatoes Just because you are making the right noises doesn’t mean you are taking the right actions.
meats and potatoes

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